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On The Isle of Skye

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey Mum,

 Yeah I think this might be the last one. It's a little scary thinking about that, but I'm really trying not to. This week has been really fantastic. I've enjoyed serving these people so much. I really feel so much a part of this ward now and will be terribly saddened to leave it. I hope that I'm not too caught away in the emotion of it all, but as for right now, I feel very much detached from it. It's just not real to me yet, though I suspect it will be soon enough. But for now I'll just keep my head down and work, as Dad would say. Speaking of which, my talk on Sunday featured him quite a bit. It was on Obedience. I spoke of the "why" of obedience, as opposed to the "what". I talked about the purpose of the commandments and I shared some experiences I had whilst working with Dad. My memory is a bit fuzzy about the details of those events, but the story suited the purpose of analogy quite well anyway. Anyway, that also felt odd knowing that it was my last talk.
 Other than that, it's just another normal week. Next week will be too. I'll be saying goodbye's, but working still the same. Thanks for your advice and Dad's attachment. I'll be joining the alumni soon, I suppose. We can talk more about it then. I love you so much!

See you soon,
Elder Trawick

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