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Monday, April 23, 2012

The river that passes through the "toon"
Hey Mum,

 Yeah, interesting week. It's been kinda dull, to be honest. I've been inside the flat for the most part of it. I have been ill since last Friday. It was mild on Friday and Saturday, but pretty much gone by Sunday until Tuesday evening. Tuesday evening I had a fever and chills (I was in Livingston at the time) then again on Wednesday during the arduous  travel back to Dumfries which took about 5 hours or so. Anyway, I talked to Sister Griffiths about it and she mentioned that it might be a bacterial infection and that I should look into seeing a GP about it. So I might have to get one here. We'll see what happens. I feel a lot better today, but the cough isn't gone and I'm still very easily fatigued.
On another note, Mother's Day is coming up and I haven't yet found a venue to use for Skype. I'll keep looking. Not as many younger members nearby (I miss the Grawrocks). Anyway, no need to fear, I'll get it sorted.
 The kilt is finished and it looks great and fits well. So does the suit, by the way, which I wore for the first time yesterday. It wears like a dream. I told Elder Johnson that I get very excited about such mundane things. But a nice suit just.... ahhh.... Not sure what it is, but I love it. It will last a long time, I think. I'm not going to wear it very much more until I get home. 
That's just about it. I'll keep chugging along. I think you only get another five or six of these emails left. People often ask me if I dwell a lot on home. To be honest, I don't think I do that much. It obviously comes into my thoughts often, but I do not obsess with it. I do like to wind Elder Johnson up by telling him that I've only got about seven weeks left and he's got another 11 1/2 (which is probably quite mean, but oh well:). That's about it, though. I truly love it here and will probably miss this place quite a bit. There's a peace and tranquillity in the air here, it's quite interesting. Anyway, I love you very much. Hope you know that ;) Have a great week!

Elder Trawick
Robbie Burns

Thought you'd like this: The Doonhamer Bistro, ha ha ha...

Our flat (yes that little green door)
Lovely trees that bloom for like two weeks and then are dead the rest of the year. It's blooming time
Bridge (no idea what it's called)
Part of the town
A nice pub

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