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Monday, April 30, 2012

Heya Mum,

 I'm much better now. I wasn't feeling too great on Monday, but since then I've been 100%. Never had to go to the GP.  I'm back into running in the morning. It feels great now that I'm doing that again. I try, if I am able, to run every morning Mon-Sat. It just makes you feel good the whole day long when you've run.
 Thanks for all the pics, they were great! I showed some of them to Elder Johnson. He's moving to Bray, near Dublin, on Thursday, and I'll be getting one Elder Remund. I don't know hardly anything about him, but of what I do know, I've heard good things. I think we'll get on just fine.
Glad that you got that email from Nita. She's a wonderful lady. One of the stalwarts in the ward. Also, on Sunday, Bishop got up before sacrament and announced that there were well in excess of 100 people attending and that he was very pleased with that and all the efforts of the members to reach out to others. It's a fantastic ward I'm in. Full of brilliant people. I'll really miss it.
 As for Skype, we've got a place to do it at. It will all be worked out soon. I just need the name you're using so that I can add you once I'm there.
 Other than that, I think it's all normal. I hope that you have a great week, I know that I will. Love you lots!

Elder Trawick

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