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Monday, April 2, 2012


Heya Mum,

 Had a great week this week. Fairly normal as weeks go, but certainly enhanced by General Conference. I really enjoyed the whole thing. You see, it's quite a tiring event for us. The way they do it here is on Saturday, they broadcast the first session of Saturday at 5PM-7PM, then that is all for the night. We come back in the morning for Priesthood session at 10AM-12AM, then the second Saturday session at 1PM-3PM and Sunday sessions at 5PM-7PM and 9PM-11PM. So Sunday is a long day indeed. We set up on Sunday so we were there at 9AM. We finally left at about 8PM after putting everything away. I really enjoyed all of conference as I was able to feel the Spirit especially strong throughout the sessions, but it was quite tiring.
Here in Dumfries we have few to teach at this time. Elder Johnson has been here for three months prior to my arrival. Yes, I am still a District Leader. The kilt that I got was quite a catch. It's in great condition. The tartan is generic, but it works just fine. To get a kilt new here can cost from £100-£500 depending on amount of material and type of material. Mine is on the lower end, but I got it from a guy that manages a charity shop here in town. He was in one day whilst I was looking for tartan ties and asked if I'd be interested in a kilt. It was his and he had just outgrown it, so he sold it to me through the charity at £10. Not a bad deal at all. So I'm happy with that. It's nothing too special, but it's a kilt nonetheless. Later on when I've got the funds, perhaps I'll purchase a proper one. This will do for now.
Interesting to hear about our ancestor in Newcastle. That's a nice piece of history. I must get stuck into your side of the family line when I get back. I'm itching to do some work for both.
 So it's nice that Dan and Sandra got to go to their mission reunion, but it's too bad they didn't get to visit with Guy and Casey. Casey did say that they were super busy lately. I hope that they're getting time to rest, because it sounds very hectic.
Anyway, that's about it. As for my address, just send anything to the mission home address. They'll forward it to me or hold it for me. That way, I'll get everything before I go home and won't miss anything.
 No pictures this time, but I should have some for next time. I love you lots and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Trawick

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