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Monday, March 26, 2012


Elder Ihalmo and Mfundo

Hey Mum,

 Well Mfundo's baptism happened yesterday and it went well. Although I might have to qualify that because there were a few hangups. The baptism was meant to start at 1:15, just after church, but the font was having problems filling. So that took us a while to sort out. (I had asked the ward mission leader, who was in charge of filling the font, that it would be best to start filling it about two hours early, that way if there was any troubleshooting necessary that you would have time to do it, but he didn't heed that counsel.) So we finally started the baptismal service at almost 2:00 and then when they went into the water it was very low for a tall guy like Mfundo, so it took them three times and they barely got it. In the end all went well and Mfundo said he really enjoyed it. He said that he felt much better after it, much cleaner. He's really a star. It's such a wonderful thing to see someone making that initiatory covenant with Father. I know that my part in it was very small, he is a brilliant young lad who is very keen. But it's a wonderful thing to see. Also, it was Elder Ihalmo's first baptism that he preformed. So it was a great experience all around.
Majola Family:(L-R) Mfundo, Brian, Luna, and Charity
So yeah, I'm coming home on the 6th of June. Should be flying that day. Since I will be flying "backwards in time" so to speak, It should still be the 6th when I arrive. I don't have my itinerary yet, so we'll see. I should be getting my "trunky papers" beginning this next moves, so in a few weeks. I'm not really sure what that entails, as I've never seen them before. Anyway, should be the sixth.
 Oh by the way, ha ha ha... I'm leaving Pollok and going to a place called Dumfries. It's out in the middle of nowhere (I'm used to that by now because of Omagh and Inverness). But it looks like it will be a good final resting place. I don't think I'll be moved again, but you never really know, do you. Anyway, I should be leaving on Wednesday.
It should be much easier for me to get rare things in my new area as it will be a more rural area with lots of collector things. The charity shops are usually full of fun finds like the ones in Inverness and Invergordon. Anyway, we'll see what they've got when I get there. Oh and I'll look for a spoon in Dumfries. It shouldn't be hard to find.
Well that's about it. I've got some pictures for you this time and I'm sure you're overjoyed. I'll try to send as many as I can. I'm not in any of the photos for the baptism, which I realised after we took pictures, but oh well. It's still got Mfundo and Elder Ihalmo in white. That's the important part. Anyway, have a great week!

Love ya!
Elder Trawick
Elder Ihalmo 
The district
Outside my flat from the window
And again
The living room
Baptism wall
The back garden(ish)
In my freezer
Inside my refrigerator

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