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Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey there,

OK, so first and foremost: the news. I haven't been transferred. Elder Ihalmo and I will remain here in Pollok for this next transfer. This will be the first three-transfer companionship for both of us, but we're both very positive about it. Especially when this last week has seen a breakthrough with success. After about three months or so of drought, we found five new people to teach last week, three of whom are scheduled for baptism now for the month of March. We will see another two today whom we plan to invite as well. It's been a real blessing in what would otherwise have been a very dismal start to this next transfer, so we're very grateful for it. Now with only four months left, things seem to be looking up a bit and I'm looking forward to being blessed with at least one more baptism. I've really been blessed by the Lord for the people whom I've been able to see baptised. It's been a wonderful mission thus far.
 Well I'm sorry to hear about grandma Varia. I hope that things go well, whatever the outcome.
So now I'm in the process of transcribing the blessing for Joshua Fairchild Jr. It's very intriguing. One part says, in effect, "thou hast suffered through many trials, even as it were the loss of all things." Another part speaks of some sort of illness or debilitating disease and then the patriarch rebukes the disease. It's very much interesting and informative. On the subject of temples as well, I would much like to become a temple worker when I return as well. It's something I'm looking forward to very much.
Tell Rebekah that I thought her drawing was excellent. It truly is a great job. She should keep working with that talent that she has and perhaps it will develop into something that will be very useful in the future.

Well, that's about it. I'll be emailing again on Wednesday, so I hope to hear from you before then. 
I love you lots!

Elder Trawick

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