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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Lorna and I at her baptism


 First things first, I guess. Lorna was baptised yesterday. It was a wonderful, powerful programme. She did fantastic and everything worked out well. She was so happy and you could tell that she was really feeling the spirit through the whole thing.
 Her older brother also attended and really enjoyed the service. Hopefully we'll be seeing him throughout the week and going to try and get him off of smoking as well. Lorna's mum did really well. For the last week she's been super supportive and provided a nice array of refreshments after the service. What a wonderful day.
 As for Christmas, we don't really have any offers yet, actually. I really hope that someone offers soon! Ha ha ha... There's another family here called the Grawrock's (Americans) and they are going to have us over for the day and I think that we'll be Skyping from there, but I'm not entirely sure. 
I told Dad a bit about my back in his email. I'll reiterate here. The situation hasn't really changed much. I saw the mission doctor this week, but he didn't really have any major advice for me. I talked to Sister Griffiths again and she and President want me to find a private Physical Therapist and get started on some treatment there. I'm going to try to work on that today actually. I'm really glad because I really think that it's going to help a lot. As for the Acid Reflux, I'm currently taking Lansoprazole which is another proton-pump inhibitor like Omeprazole. I'm not exactly sure how it differs, my GP here just decided to prescribe that to me. It works just fine, really. That's about it for a medical update. Anyway, that's about it for me. I'm just plugging along. Christmas is in no time, and I'm excited for it. I have some pictures for you.  
I love you so much!

Have a good week, mummy :)
Your Boy

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