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On The Isle of Skye

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Glasgow Zone

Hey Mum,

 So apparently every day this week is a holiday. OK, maybe not that extreme, but yesterday was for some odd reason and all the libraries were closed. So that is why I am emailing you today. So glad to have talked to and seen you. It's kind of surreal seeing you as it's not long off and I'll be able to see you in person. I enjoyed it a lot.
This is another crazy week. After this week, though, things should be picking up. Hopefully anyway. Interesting note, by the way, and I should have mentioned this at first, but Elder -------- and I are staying in Pollok for another transfer. There must be something else that I'm supposed to do here, otherwise the Lord would have sent me elsewhere. I just need to find out what it is.
I love you lots and lots. I may be late emailing again next week as well due to the rest of the holidays, just so you're not worried. Take care!

Love ya!
Elder Trawick
PS: Loved the Moose Bark. I'm going to make the huckleberry scones at the Grawrock's and share it with them. Thank you so much for everything :)

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