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On The Isle of Skye

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Heya mummy,
Well OK, I'll try to take more pictures, even if they are of such mundane things as our transportation, ha ha ha... Just kiddin' ;). That's really sad about the Elders in Texas.
So for the biggest news this week. You are aware of my chronic back problems. Well lately it's been causing me a lot of hassle. But what made it worse is that on Friday I went out for our morning run. We didn't do anything different. If anything it was a light run. But when we were almost finished, something went out in my lower back and I had really bad pain there. We walked back to the house and I tried to stretch it a bit, but it didn't help much. It was really painful, so I called my GP and set up an appointment for him later on that day. He told me that it would eventually work itself out, but gave me some pain meds (including this NSAID gel stuff that I've never used before and I'm not too sure about it's effectiveness because it's not working that well). But anyway, I've been taking it easy for the past few days and probably will for another week or so. It really is painful sitting or standing for any moderate amount of time. Anyway, that's the news with me.
I'm staying in Pollok by the way. Elder Hawkes is moving to Tralee in the Republic and I'll be getting Elder I...... He's from ---------. I already know him as well.
Well other than that, not a whole lot is new. Lorna is the one who had a smoking problem and I say had because she hasn't touched a cigarette for over three weeks now and will be baptised on the fourth of December. Woohoo! We're really happy for the progress she's making. She was at church yesterday as well. 

Anyway, that's about it for me. I love you lots! 

Elder Trawick

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