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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Paisley Zone!(I'm in back, 4th from right)
 Well I hope that Dad is back at work today then. It was Zone Development Meeting again yesterday, so that's why I'm emailing on Tuesday again. Sound like the fair was a lot of fun. Glad you all enjoyed it. I remember the Puyallup fair and how fun that was each year. Those were good times. Anwyay, things are going good here in Pollok. We're building up our teaching pool. I'm actually going to a place called Greenock on an exchange here in a few hours. But other than that, things are going well. 
We had a fantastic Stake Conference this weekend with President Griffiths there as well. All of the missionaries in the Paisley Zone/Stake participated in a Stake PEC meeting with President Griffiths and all of the PEC in the Stake. That was a very special meeting and they really focused on getting the members involved with the missionaries and coordinating our efforts. The same message was the focus of Sunday's meeting. This Stake President, President Yates, is very focused on missionary work, so we hope to see Paisley really growing here soon. On Saturday, we have a very special meeting in Edinburgh where we will be hearing from Elders Causse and Clayton (from the first quorum of Seventy) and also Bishop Burton (from the presiding Bishopric). I'm really excited for this meeting, so you'll hear from me how it went next week. 
I love you lots and lots!
Elder Trawick

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