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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Heya Mum,
First of all to answer a few questions. No, none of my District Leader responsibilities really take away from my proselyting time. It says in the District Leader's handbook that a District Leader always carries a full proselyting load, just the same as Zone Leaders and Assistants (for the most part). So no. The only time I'm really away is when I'm out of my area on exchange, but then the other Elder is in my area, so there is no loss there. 
To answer your other question, we had a fantastic week this week. We really had a lot of fun yesterday. We got together with three other teams in the zone and had a joint P-day with them. We went bowling and did some other fun things at this place up in Braehead (it was really American which made it a bit surreal). And then after a bit of that, Elder Bowers and I headed back to our area to play a round of golf with a member named John and the Bishop. It was a fun time for all of us. Especially the other three as they laughed at my horrible performance. But I picked up a bit toward the end. I had a really rough start, though. 12 strokes on the first hole (a par 4 I think) but ended up with a consistent 7 strokes on the last three par 4's and 6 on the par 3's, so not too bad. I hadn't played a round of golf for about 3 or more years, so not too shabby. But anyway, we had SO much fun.
Funny that you guys would remember how I played Risk. I don't even remember how I played it. It's been quite a while, hasn't it. But oh well. We'll play again when I get back some time. I'm really glad that Dan's job is going well, that is great news. It's great that he has such a steady job in such turbulent times. I hope that he and Dad can hold on to employment and I also hope that I will find employment soon after getting home. I trust that the Lord will work things out for me, though. And my family, for that matter. He already has done to a great extent.
 Anyway, not much else is new. Just carrying on here. Moves call is this Sunday. It will actually be occurring during General Conference. So when you are having your Sunday sessions of General Conference, just remember that I'm finding out where I'm going or if I'm staying right then! Ha ha ha... I love you lots!
Elder Trawick

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