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On The Isle of Skye

Monday, September 19, 2011


my new address is :
6 Dormanside Court
Glasgow G53 5YX
 Now that I've got that out of the way...
I'm really not being "modest," (about serving as a District Leader), I'm just being realistic. I enjoy the new responsibilities that I have that enable me to get more involved with the District than I could before, but I'm just the same as anyone else. Some of those responsibilities include: Companion Exchanges (I try to exchange as often as possible to promote District unity), Conducting and teaching District meetings, Taking accounting from missionaries and reports on numerical goals and actual statistics, and I get to participate in District Leader Councils which all of the District Leaders and the Zone Leaders of the Zone get together to plan the training curriculum and baptismal goals for each month. That's always a neat meeting. Other than that, it's normal life.
Things are great here in Pollok. It's an interesting place. The members of the Ward are great. They have a genuine interest in helping each other which is absolutely vital for a ward to have any kind of growth. 
I gave a talk on Sunday. It was about forgiveness and not taking offense. I used the epistles from Moroni to Pahoran (Alma 60-62) as an example. Then I talked a bit about how we need to let our divine nature override out natural tendencies. Anyway, Elder Bowers and I are doing great. We get along well. I've told him (ages ago actually) about Emilio, which is quite funny. No relation at all. Well I hope that you have a great week and have lots of fun. I love you so much!
Elder Trawick

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