Scotland/Ireland Mission

On The Isle of Skye

Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Mum,
 OK, so now I'm here in Pollok. Things are going great. I got your email about Pollok, yes, thanks :). About my new companion. His name is Elder Randall Bowers. He is from Blanding, Utah. He's been out about as long as I have. I've served around him in Omagh (he was serving in Derry) and also up in the Aberdeen Zone (he was in Aberdeen city). So I knew him already for a long time. As for Glasgow being wild and scary, it's never as bad as they tell you. Dublin is worse than Glasgow and I've already served there. It's just a big city here. We are part of Glasgow city. My trip down was nice. This was the easiest transfer I've had as far as travel goes. We just drove down to Edinburgh from Inverness on Tuesday (through Aberdeen to pick up a couple of Elders) and stayed the night in the Mission Home. There were 14 missionaries going home and I got to say goodbye to Elder Nicholls and Elder Olsen as well as a few others from that group. Then I took a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow, and from Glasgow to Pollok. Pretty simple.
 When I got to the flat, we just dropped all of our stuff and went straight to the A&E (that's the equivalent of the ER) because Elder Bowers was suffering from a really severe headache for about two or three days straight. They gave him some weak medication and told him it was a "wild bug" and sent him on his way. That night he took another really bad headache and was thrashing about the whole night until about four in the morning. He barely got two hours of sleep that night and I probably got three. We went to the doctors again, this time the local practice, and they said pretty much the same as the A&E and gave him a stronger dose of the medication. That seems to be working alright now, but he still has the headache, its just numbed by the medication that he has to take almost all day. I'm not sure what the issue is, but he goes back to the doctors tomorrow, so we'll see. He's alright for now, though.
 So that's probably the most interesting thing that's happened so far. I had heard about the ruckus happening over in New England. That is terrible. This world is falling apart. Wonder how long it will be now.
I may need a new suit in about 3-4 months. That's how long I expect this one I have to last, but we'll see. Anyway, that's the news here. I don't have any pictures for you this week, but I'll make sure I do for next week, sorry. I love you loads and loads!
Elder Trawick

Monday, August 22, 2011

Transferred :)

Hey Mum,

Not too sure how much time I have left. Just wanted to let you know that I'm moving from Inverness to Paisley Zone in a city called Pollok. I'm really very sad to leave this area, but I know that it is what the Lord wants of me. I love you so much and hope that I get to send you a bit more info soon.

Elder Trawick

Monday, August 15, 2011


Picture of the church (more below)
Hey there Mum,
We had a spectacular week. So many wonderful things happened that I can't remember them all. To highlight, there was a missionary re-dedication service for all of the Aberdeen Stake on Saturday morning where we re-dedicated the land for missionary work. The meeting was powerful and the results have already been seen. There is a noticeable difference already.

 Yeah those pictures (from last week) were with Simon MacDonald. He's one of the best friends I've made on my mission. I heard already from Andrea on Sunday that she emailed you. I told her that you'd love to get an email from her.  Just a few weeks ago, Elder Madsen and I decided to do a special fast for all of the part-member families in the area. There is also a small family that we are teaching that came to church and loved it. Next week we should have five people scheduled for baptism, so things are really looking up. Next week is transfer week, so I hope that I get to stay. 
Anyway, love you so much!
Elder Trawick



In Portmahomack with Simon MacDonald

Dear Mum,
 I'll need to keep it somewhat concise this week. I'm sorry about last week. I wanted to email you all but didn't have much time and I didn't get any emails (I thought you knew that it was a bank holiday and decided to leave it for a day :) so I just emailed President and went on to other things. We ended up teaching a lesson last P-Day during P-Day, by the way. Long story, but I'll have to tell you that one another time. I hope that everyone is well.
We've had a great couple of weeks. Total of 13 new investigators in the last two weeks which is truly a miracle. Holly and Leah are solid for the 27th and we are getting excited and ready for the baptism. Everything is going great here! I'll share a quick experience from church yesterday. I went to the Invergordon branch and it was fast and testimony meeting of course. Now, normally these meetings are something we almost dread our investigators to come to because there is so much anxiety about what people could say, but normally everything just turns out alright and it is a good meeting. I want to tell you that this testimony meeting was the most powerful meeting that I've attended since I was in the MTC. I cannot begin to describe to you how prevalent the Spirit was in this meeting. We had a few boys return from an EFY(Especially For Youth) trip down in England. What we witnessed is what Alma the younger would have called, "a mighty change of heart." There was one in particular that reminded me so much of myself at his age and the experiences that I had that still burn within me. He had experienced feelings of the Spirit that he hadn't before and he was able to testify of that and tell the branch that he has decided to make a change in his life and prepare to serve a mission. Everyone in the room was brought to tears as he bore powerful witness of the Spirit and all of the testimonies that came before or after echoed that. I'm so grateful to be a servant of the Lord and to witness the change that happens in someones life when they decide to follow the Saviour with all their heart. Whether it be a person being baptised, or a member having a complete paradigm shift, the Spirit will be manifest and we can feel it. I love this work so much and am aware how much it has changed my life. I love you so much Mum, and I so know what the overarching role that you and Dad have played in my life to shape me into what I have become. And what I am becoming. I hope that this week is a wonderful one. I know that it will be for me.
Elder Trawick
The lighthouse in Portmahomack