Scotland/Ireland Mission

On The Isle of Skye

Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear Mum,
 We had a good week this week. A lot of hard working and not the most outwardly successful week we've had, really. But it was a good week. Elder Madsen has four brothers and two sisters and he's second to last of them all. He told me the other day that he wants to be a sound engineer when he gets home. Not sure what all that entails though. I'll have to ask more about it. Before he came out he taught piano for employment. He's a really great piano player. He's served all of his mission in Scotland so far. He's been in Ayr, Aberdeen, and Glasgow, and now he's back in Aberdeen zone.
 What you are describing to me is what we call a t-book (testimony book) and I haven't made one. I do have plenty of pictures of members from different areas, so that's a start eh? I'll have to consider starting a t-book.
 There have been loads of tourists round lately. Not sure when tourist season is over, but it is making Inverness quite busy. The weather has been quite hot lately, but I hear that's going to change on Thursday, so we'll see. There really isn't much else to report. Just another week gone by. Hard to believe how fast they are going.
 I keep meaning to take pictures of the town and the church and things, but I always forget until when I'm on my way to the library to email, which the church is not really in the way of. I'll try to get them this week. I'm not getting a kilt just yet. I realised that if I do, then I have to carry the thing around with me for the rest of my mission. I may wait until I'm in my last area. I also haven't had any time to do any work on genealogy. There's just not enough time on a p-day to do everything else and that, unfortunately. 
 Anyway, I'm still here and moving along. Things are going well and will continue to do so. I love you very much and hope that you have an exciting week.
Your son,
Elder Trawick

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Elder Trawick and Elder Madsen
Dear Mum,
 Yeah it was a bit strange (that he didn't get moved), but not too out of the ordinary, really. I will most likely be moving at the end of this transfer, though, so that is exciting, although I will not want to leave this wonderful place. Since I've never been in an area this long before, this is breaking new ground. The members all know me really well and we get on so well. The saddest thing is that if I move, then I will miss Holly and Leah's baptisms on the 27th of August by about 3 days. Oh well, the important thing is that they are getting baptised.
 Whitewashed means to have both Elder's (or Sisters) moving out of an area and a new set moving in. I talked to Elder Reynolds just the other day and he said that things were going great in Antrim, so I'm happy for him. Elder Madsen and I are getting on great. He's a really good Elder from Lehi, UT. I asked him if was related to Matthew Leonards Madsen, and he said that he is not. But I should be sending you some pictures after this of us.
 I'm really glad that the road meeting went well. It really all comes down to uniting in one purpose to accomplish something. That is true in every aspect of life. There is strength in unity that you don't have individually. It's especially true in a companionship. If companions are united, they are successful, and usually very measurably.
 I gave a talk in church this Sunday in Inverness. The topic was given to me and it was "Let us forgive one another." I prayed and worked out what I was going to say for a few days before I gave it and felt like what I wanted to talk about was right. I know that the spirit attended me as I prepared my talk and I voiced that at the beginning of the talk, as well as my knowledge that the subject that I was given was what Heavenly Father wanted the people in Inverness to hear that day. I proceeded with my talk about forgiving others and not taking offence. Afterward I was told that one of our visitors that day wanted to speak with me. I met him outside and he shook my hand, told me that he was from Utah and that because of my words, he needed to write a letter to someone. I can't describe the feeling that I had to know that because of the preparation I made and being led by the Spirit, I was able to help someone repent and come unto Christ. It's the purpose of a missionary to do so.
 Anyway, I hope that everything is going well for you at home and that you are keeping happy and busy. I love you so much!
Your boy,
Elder Trawick

Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear Mum,
 Last night was moves call and, this is surprising, Elder Reynolds is moving and I'll be staying. It's a bit unexpected but quite exciting. He'll be moving to Antrim and whitewashing in with Elder Burgess who is another Elder from our MTC group. It'll be sad to see him go. My new companion is Elder Madsen and I've already served around him so I know him. Other than that, not much else is new here. Just the same old.
 Seems like there have been some changes in the branch again. I don't particularly remember the Dewitt's but I might recognise them if I saw them. Oh, by the way, Sister Griffiths is fine. She's back and doing well. I'm hoping that Dan and Sandra can settle the deal and get that house. It would be really nice for them. Is Sandra getting excited about going to Brazil?
Well, I hope that you have a fantastic week. I love you LOTS!
Elder Joshua Trawick

Happy 4th of July!

Dear Mum,
 I'm glad that you all enjoyed the pictures from the baptism. It's one that I will definitely not forget any time soon. We had a good week this week. A bit slow in some areas, just trying to get things to pick up and a lot of the members are off on holiday. There weren't that many at church yesterday. President Allison of Invergordon asked me to teach the combined Priesthood and Relief Society on missionary work. I didn't want to give them the same missionary work lesson that they've had many times before, so I really tried to think and seek the spirit on how we could move it forward in that area best. What we ended up doing was talking through a lot of the concerns that they all have about missionary work and how they can overcome them. There was a lot of participation and I think that overall it was a good lesson. Unfortunately we only scratched the surface of what I had desired to cover, but it was productive nonetheless.
 Sister Griffiths wasn't in great health last week and flew home to Utah to receive some sort of treatment. President Griffiths didn't tell us much about the issue other than she had been experiencing pains and aches in her bones, but then asked us all in the mission to include her in our fast yesterday. According to the letter I got this morning, she's feeling much better and should be returning to the mission on Saturday, so no worries :).
 I haven't had a lot of time to do more family history research, but I did receive Grandma's info that she sent in the post. It's quite amazing the research that she's done that traces me back to King of Scotland Malcom II and also King of England Edward III, but it's always hard to tell if it is accurate. If it is I definitely have a claim to Scottish ancestry ;). As well as your side of course. So I'm doubly Scottish. Ha ha ha...
 As far as my health goes, things have been well. I haven't been sick since December if I remember right. Nothing bothering too much here, it's quite a civilised and clean country. Also, Elder Reynolds and I are celebrating Independence Day with a BBQ here as soon as we're done emailing. So that should be nice.
 Anyway, that's about it. I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week.
Elder Trawick