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Monday, June 6, 2011


Well we just had a really great week. Things seem to be on fire here in Inverness. Well in Invergordon anyway, and we're trying really hard to get Inverness going well too. The kids we're teaching are all progressing well. I taught them in a lesson after church in Invergordon yesterday and brought a lot of the adults in as well. The great thing about it is that I feel that I'm teaching the adults more than I'm teaching the children. They know this stuff, they are stars. But perhaps the adults have forgotten the importance of it a bit. I'm glad to have a chance to teach a proper lesson with them. Well anyway, I taught the Plan of Salvation and it was a great lesson because the kids were basically teaching me. So wonderful to see that, I love to see these little ones so excited for their baptism.
 We taught thirty lessons this week! I've never taught that many in all the time I've been out, so that's fantastic. We are really trying to build up Inverness. They're in a bit of a rut, but hopefully that will change soon. We've been on a bit of a Less-Active campaign and trying to find the lost sheep as President Monson instructed us in Stake Conference last weekend. Did I tell you about that, by the way? That the Stake Conference was broadcast from Salt Lake to all of the UK and Ireland? Anyway, President Monson talked about rescuing our "lost battalions" so that is precisely what we are attempting.
 I looked up a wee bit on Family Search and saw some of my pedigree there. It's just hard to find time to pin down my ancestry. You could send a .paf through an E-Mail to me and I'll be able to read that. Or a hard-copy would be good as well.
Anyway, I love you lots. Keep praying for me!
Elder Trawick

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