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Friday, June 24, 2011


Dear Mum,
 Yup, one whole year is gone and now I have less than a year left. It's hard to believe but I honestly don't think about it much. We had a fun day today I went to the Family History Centre and did a bit of work there. It was exciting work trying to find people, but I didn't stay too long. I input information on a .paf file for 5 generations back from me and then decided to do a bit of looking at the Trawick line. I got to looking at some records for Clarence S Trawick (Harvey's dad) and also Jasper Trawick (his father). It was interesting to see, but it seems that the records for Trawick's run out there. It would take more intensive digging to keep going with it, so I stopped there. But it was quite exciting. I haven't heard from Grandma about it yet, by the way. And also, have you started indexing yet?
 Well anyway, not much else is new, really. I gave another talk in Invergordon yesterday and it was on receiving personal revelation. To be brief, I really felt the spirit strong as I testified of the principles of personal revelation to them. I hope that someone was able to learn something new or make a change in their life.  But anyway, I'll hear from you next week. I love you lots!
Elder Trawick

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