Scotland/Ireland Mission

On The Isle of Skye

Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear Mum,
 We had a fantastic week this week for numbers. Quite possibly the best I've seen for my mission. We're really seeing the blessings from the member work that we are doing. On Sunday in Invergordon a member turned to me after sacrament and asked me if we could start teaching her daughter and another member's daughter the lessons. I said of course we could and asked their ages which were 10 and 11. That astounded me, I thought that they were members already! Anyway, they have a baptismal date for August and there's another boy we're working with that is scheduled for June. There's also a woman in Inverness that is scheduled for June as well. Things are heating up here.
 This next week will be moves week, just so you know, so I'll be e-mailing on Wednesday I think, but I might email on Monday. I just don't know yet, ha ha ha... But I hope that Elder Reynolds and I stay together because we are doing quite well together. It'd be a pity to change a good thing.
 As for family history, I vaguely remember tracing back the Trawick line to the early 1600s and I believe that it was in Sussex, England. Could you have Grandma Lynda send me the info on that if she can, I know that her records are quite good on all of those lines. If there is any work that I can do here, let me know because we have a lot of great resources here for that and I'll reserve some P-Day time for it.
 About the Zone Conference, it was just a Zone Development Meeting which is like a group District Meeting. Quite normal. We trained a bit and then played a few games as a zone. 
 Yes we heard a lot about the "end of the world" stuff going around. Seems like that one didn't pan out. I can't wait for 2012, because that one is going to be fun. It's going to be another Y2K, ha ha ha... 
Anyway, other than that, not much else is going on.
Well I love you. I hope your week goes well. I also hope that this week goes as well as last week. That would be fantastic! Love you so much!
Elder Trawick

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


View from Skye Bridge
Hey Mum,
Thanks for giving my letters out. I appreciate that. Some of the ones I got from the YW I have never met so it would be helpful if you went around with a camera at church next Sunday and got pictures of the whole branch. Just get pictures of everyone, because it will be good to see the branch. Then caption them so that I can get an idea of whom I am writing. Thanks!
 Your Primary activity sounds like it went very well. I'm glad. The children and the youth are the most important thing that this church needs to focus on. They are the structural support of the church and if we lose them, then we have a serious problem on our hands. Too many youth these days are lost by the wayside sometimes due to lack of attention. I'm seeing what happens in a unit if the young members lose interest and go less-active here. The unit dies. It's as simple as that. So I'm glad when I hear of successes in Primary and YW/YM, it's what we need the most.
Heard about the greenhouse. Sounds like a good plan. I hope that it all goes well, and you might have some tasty produce on your hands :).
Also, lately I've really felt a push to do some family history here on P-Days. When I think about it, it almost seems like I'd be wasting valuable P-Day time, but I feel that there is a reason that I'm feeling this way at this particular time. I would really appreciate a pedigree chart from both sides of the family and also you can get from Grandma the .paf file for Family Search and I can use that here. That would be much appreciated.
 Well, I love you and hope that your week is a good one. By the way, I'm emailing today because we spent all day yesterday in Aberdeen at a Zone meeting. Anyway, I love you lots!
Elder Trawick
Elder Reynolds and myself in Skye at Elgol
Our Flat (#12 on the left)
The Cuillin (a range of rocky mountains located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland)
The Ceremonial Ness Tankard (for drinking out of Loch Ness)
Loch Ness ritual site
The Ritual
Loch Ness ritual site
The following were taken from Skye Bridge

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dear Mum,

 I think my time might be short, and I'm sorry, but I'll have to make it quick. First and foremost: Yes we will be calling on Sunday. Depending on time differences, we are planning on calling 6PM and 7PM here. That should make it 12AM and 1PM for you. I'm hoping that you are out of church by 1PM or can be this Sunday. Sorry to rush it but we will be about 30 minutes from home, so we need to give ourselves good buffer. But it doesn't have to be right at 6 or 7, just around there. Elder Reynolds will go first and then I'll go.
Anyway, this week was really very good. I'll give you a quick success story. We have a standard to reach called Quality Gospel Conversations and Potential Investigators. I don't remember if I told you this already or not. It basically entails a pattern which constitutes a QGC and then when we get a return appointment with a person for a specific time and place, that is called a potential investigator. The standard to reach for these numbers a week is 50/12, which, believe me, is a tough goal. Sunday night, Elder Reynolds and I were just finishing up our hour of consecrated finding and we were 6 QGC's and 1 potential short of our goal. We decided we would go the extra mile even though success had been limited for that whole hour. In about 30 minutes time we had exceeded our goals to reach a total of 52/15 for the week. We really saw the hand of the Lord help us as we committed to stretch ourselves and go for it. This was an eye-opener for me. I've never had a total like that and few companionships in the mission reach that. Now, I'm not saying that to brag. We REALLY saw the Lord help us in that last 30 minutes. Anyway, I hope that all is well at home.
Also, could you find out who the seventy that visited you was? Elder Alan F. Packer is coming to speak to the mission next Wednesday, so we're all excited about that. Anyway, I'll speak to you on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it! Love you so much!
Elder Trawick