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On The Isle of Skye

Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Mum,
 I'm glad you liked the pictures. I had a lot of fun at Giant's Causeway, and yes it was FREEZING! Ha ha ha...
 I'm sorry that you are all so sick. It sounds desperate. I'll be praying for you all, and especially you. I'm worried about Dad. He needs to know when to take it easy. 
What have you learned so far on your mission?
So funny you should mention, I was talking with Elder Buchei for a long time last night about how much I've learned and grown on my mission. I couldn't help but think about how prideful I was before I left in thinking that I knew all this stuff and was experienced in the gospel. I might have known more than the average teenager, but what I didn't know was that I knew NOTHING. I have learned so many things on my mission and I know that it comes from the calling. I've been blessed with truly receiving treasures of knowledge and hidden treasures and understanding the mysteries of Godliness, but I still don't know ANYTHING. It seems that the more I learn the less I know, and there isn't enough time in a lifetime to learn all of these things. But I'm moving forward steadily. What I've been studying the most recently are the Pauline Epistles. I'm in 1 Corrinthians right now. The more I read in the New Testament and understand what it is saying, the more I realise just how evident a general apostasy of the church really was. Just look at what Paul was trying to patch up with the saints in Corrinth. Read Jude and see his three examples of peoples in history who have apostatised, and their consequences, as his warning to saints. It is so blatantly evident that the church was in total disrepair from the influences of the Judaizers and the Greek philosophers and the Pagans, and that even before Paul's martyrdom. Not to mention the persecutions of Nero and the eventual creeds of Nicea and Athanasius and so forth. I'm sorry, let me take a breath. It gets me worked up, ha ha ha... Anyway, what I have learned is that no matter how much I know, I still don't know the half of it. But rather than viewing that as an obstacle, I view it as a motivation. I have developed on my mission a literal hunger and thirst for knowledge, and I do my best to quench that every morning in personal study. It's something that I never want to change. I want to go throughout the rest of my life with the same study habits that I have developed on my mission. I hope that I can maintain that when I get home.
Anyway, thanks for all the news and things. Yes I have been hearing all about whats going on in New Zealand and Australia. How crazy is it that these things are happening? Look at Egypt and Australian and New Zealand. These are the last days, aren't they? I hope that you have a great week with no sickness! I love you so much!
Elder Trawick

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