Scotland/Ireland Mission

On The Isle of Skye

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


John's baptism
Hey Mum,
 My birthday was great! No I didn't get a cake, but it was fantastic anyway. We had a dinner with Sister Holt and Sister Radford that night and I made a beef stir-fry for us all. They got Elder Buchei and myself ties, I'll have to get you some pictures of them. 
John was at church this Sunday. He specifically asked for it off and was able to attend all three hours. He really enjoyed it. I asked him the other day how his life was different now that he is baptised and has the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he said that everything is better and he is much more happy all the time now. It's so great to see! 
Things are still going well here in Omagh. Elder Buchei and I broke a record this week in finding. There is a statistic that we report weekly for number of "Quality Gospel Conversations" or in other words, the number of people we stopped in the street or tracted that we were able to have a good conversation with and invite to be taught. The standard of excellence set by President was 50 for the week. There have only been a few companionships in the mission to reach that goal and the average for the mission is about 29. Elder Buchei and I set out to get it this week and we got 53! I was really excited about it. Anyway, things are fantastic here. Lots of new prospects and we also have a new person scheduled for baptism on the 19th of March.
I hope that Guy, Casey, and Edward had a good stay. Sounds like there was some decent relaxation. That is good. I hope that they had a safe return home. Oh, I just realised that I never told you about why I'm emailing today, ha ha ha... They called a Zone Meeting very short notice for yesterday, so we were gone in Belfast all day.  I hope that you have a wonderful week. I'm going to try and send you some pictures now. Love you lots!
Elder Trawick

Happy Birthday!!!!

Dear Mum,
 Good news, the baptism was fantastic! We had very few numbers (four members including Tom, six missionaries and John) but it was wonderful. We had to get permission from President to confirm John at the baptism because he wasn't going to make it to church Sunday due to his crazy work schedule. But it was great and he really enjoyed it. John is good and things in Omagh are great. We have been trying to find some new this week and we have some good potentials to look at next week (including a somewhat promising one tonight at 7:00). Anyway, the work is moving here in Omagh. For such a tiny little branch, 4 baptisms in less than a year is really good.  
Giant's causeway was excellent, and I have some really good pictures. 
Here comes a wave!
It almost got me!
Giant's Causeway
Elder Buchei, as far as I know, has two younger sisters and one older sister. He turned 24 today, so happy birthday to him. 
I'm glad to hear that the leadership training went well. They are doing that here this week. It's not  for the missionaries, though. But I'm sure it is grand. I love hearing from the 15, that is the beauty of our church.
Anyway, I love you and hope that your week is wonderful.
Elder Trawick

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dear Mum,

 This week was great. John is doing fantastic. He passed his interview and is good for Thursday. We'll be seeing him tonight. Anyway, about Elder Buchei. He is from Toole, Utah. He has served in Montrose and Aberdeen, Scotland, so this is his first area on the Island. I'm not sure about the rest of those questions though. Maybe I'll get back to you on that.

The weather was terrible this week, now that you mention it. Worst I've seen it since I've been in Omagh. I felt bad for Elder Buchei, because his first 3 or 4 days were so miserable. But it's good now. We are going to Giant's Causeway today in just a few minutes. I told Dad a bit about that. You should look it up. I'll be taking pictures.

 (From Wikipedia)
The Giant's Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. It is located in County Antrim on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, about two miles (3 km) north of the town of Bushmills. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, and a National Nature Reserve in 1987 by the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland. In a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers, the Giant's Causeway was named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom. The tops of the columns form stepping stones that lead from the cliff foot and disappear under the sea. Most of the columns are hexagonal, although there are also some with four, five, seven and eight sides. The tallest are about 12 metres (36 ft) high, and the solidified lava in the cliffs is 28 metres thick in places.

The Legend:
Legend has it that the Irish warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool) built the causeway to walk to Scotland to fight his Scottish counterpart Benandonner. One version of the legend tells that Fionn fell asleep before he got to Scotland. When he did not arrive, the much larger Benandonner crossed the bridge looking for him. To protect Fionn, his wife Oonagh laid a blanket over him so he could pretend that he was actually their baby son. In a variation, Fionn fled after seeing Benandonner's great bulk, and asked his wife to disguise him as the baby. In both versions, when Benandonner saw the size of the 'infant', he assumed the alleged father, Fionn, must be gigantic indeed. Therefore, Benandonner fled home in terror, ripping up the Causeway in case he was followed by Fionn.(There are other variations)

I hope that the hill is better now. It sounds desperate. Just drive carefully (like you need me to tell you that, ha ha ha). Well, I hope that you all have a good week. I will get those pictures sent to you next week. I love you so much.

Elder Trawick

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dear Mum,

OK this is like the sixth attempt at sending the letter. I have no idea whats going on today!

 So I'm staying in Omagh. The news is that Elder Olsen is leaving for Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Scotland as I'm typing and my new companion, who hasn't yet arrived, is called Elder Buchei (I think that is the right spelling). He's out one moves more than me, but that's about all I know about him. 
Anyway, in Omagh, John is progressing wonderfully. He's been taught everything essential and his interview will be on Saturday, so cross your fingers. But as of right now, he's solid to pass. His baptism will be on the 10th of Feb.

By the way, I did get the SD cards. I just forgot to list them, so you can stop worrying about that. About Dan and Sandra, that sounds fantastic! I'm so happy for them. I hope that everything works out for that to go through. I'll be praying for them.
Anyway, I love you lots and hope that you are doing very well ;). Have a great week!

Elder Trawick