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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Snowing in Omagh (what we thought was bad until the next week)
Hey Mum,
 So about the busted pipes everywhere. I just got done telling Dad about that whole problem here in NI. It's EVERYWHERE. People have burst pipes nearly everywhere you go. They were all out of water before the thaw, and then pipes burst everywhere. It's a huge disaster here, and it's affected our church building as well. We had a burst pipe in the Omagh building that left most of our chapel saturated, so we had to go out to Derry for our meeting on Sunday. But as it turns out, Coleraine branch had the same problem and had to go to Derry, as well as wards and branches all over the Belfast Stake. Most of them in fact. That just goes to show how unprepared this country is for weather like this. But the snow and freezing weather is gone now. Well, at least the snow is, and it's been replaced with rain.
 I haven't got my box yet, but the Zone Leaders do. However, they won't be able to get it to me for about another week or two. But I'm not fussed, it will get here soon enough, and I'm excited for it. Elder Olsen has one he's been waiting on too.
 We had a great New Year's Day. We spent some of it with Tom and some of it with the Brophy's. President Brophy is the Omagh branch president. It was a lot of fun. We were allowed to watch movies again, so we went and watched the Chronicles of Narnia over at the Brophy's. You know I'm not much for kids films, but this wasn't so bad, for all the references that it had to the bible (good job, C. S. Lewis).  
In my reading of the Conference Ensign, I was especially particular lately to the talk given by Elder Costa, who took nearly all of his talk from President Benson. The talk was about 14 fundamentals of following the prophet and what that entails. I was really impressed by this and I have been sharing it with most of the members. It's so important that others know that there is indeed a living prophet of the Lord on the earth right now. What that means is that the heavens are open and we receive revelation and warnings straight from the Lord through His prophet. Through the living prophet comes the Priesthood authority, which is above that of kings or any earthly power. The members need to know that following the prophet doesn't mean that we select what we want to hear. We listen to the prophet because he is the watchman. There is nothing more important for us to read right now than what the prophet and apostles have recently spoken in general conference. I would recommend reading that and pondering on those 14 fundamentals. I know that it's changed my perspective a bit.
 Also I hope that you had a fantastic birthday. I hope you got my card. I need to get Guy's sent and Eddy's.
How are your clothes working out? Is anything wearing out yet?
Clothes are fine mostly. One pair of trousers on my black suit that I came out with are worn and I haven't mended them yet, but I'll get around to it.

What did you do today for P-day? Describe your day.
P-Day yesterday was shopping, then we had a dinner that Tom put on for some friends who were back in town for a bit. One was a missionary here in Ireland about two years ago. That was a lot of fun.

Who is an interesting person you know right now? Member or not.
President Brophy is pretty interesting. He's a convert to the church from 18, but his conversion story is very interesting. He was Catholic, and very Catholic at that, but he received a testimony of the Book of Mormon immediately. He's also a very good cook (I've been taking notes, ha ha ha...)

Have you taught any discussions lately? Tell about the experience.
We teach lessons fairly frequently. I guess the last one that we had that was stellar was with a girl called ....... This was our first lesson with her and we brought a recent convert called Kieron out with us to teach. We taught the restoration with focus on the Book of Mormon and pray to know, and Kieron bore such AWESOME testimony. We could have just let him go in and we would have been fine. It was a great lesson.

What have you been eating every day? What do you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner?
I've been eating a lot, I'll tell you that. And I need to slow down. Hmm... for breakfast, usually cereal. I personally like Fruit & Fibre or I eat oatmeal, it just depends on what I'm feeling. Then for lunch, we'll come back for an oven pizza or something fast like that. Dinner I usually make something. This week is going to be tacos while I work on perfecting mashed potatoes as well. Which reminds me, could you please send me your recipe for mashed potatoes (with sour cream right?). Yours were always the best. But anyway, it all depends.

How are you staying warm? 
I have great clothing.

Does someone take care of your house for you? Is it owned by members of the church? Are members close by?
Nope, we take care of it. It's just owned by the mission and The nearest member is Tom and he is about a 15 minute walk away.
 Anyway, I love you very much! I hope that all is well with you and the fam. I'll talk to you next Monday (hopefully if there are no more interruptions). Love you!
Elder Trawick
District Meeting before last transfer.

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