Scotland/Ireland Mission

On The Isle of Skye

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

 Unlucky that you deleted your last email, but I seem to remember that happening years ago whilst I was emailing Daniel. Ha ha ha, it happens. Anyway, yes indeed, I am still in Omagh. Elder Olsen and myself were the only missionaries to stay together in Northern Ireland. And we are quite happy about that as Christmas is coming up and we have great plans for it. 
 We went out on Friday evening and shoveled a few of the members' drives and gave them cards. We had planned on using the church's shovels which are quite nice, but when we got to the building we found that they were in the shed which was locked and we had no key... Devastated... So then we tried calling around to see if anyone had proper shovels, but these people just aren't prepared for weather like this. So in the end, we got a hold of two spades (Irish spades are a bit different than American shovels) and used them to clear a few drives. It was good for the few that we got, but we planned on about twice as much or more. So I think that we will be doing that again soon to finish the job, as it has snowed even more since then.
There was another low turnout at church this Sunday due to snow, but more than last week. The Derry Elders were with us at church as well. I should probably tell you of our adventures whilst traveling to Belfast and back. The trip to Belfast was the most fun I've had in a car... I think ever. We were originally to leave for Dublin by car in the morning. We were excited to have a nice little road trip with the Derry Elders. Turned out that the weather took a bad turn and plans were changed. We were to travel that night (Friday) to Belfast so that we could get a train in the morning to Dublin. Well, that threw things a bit and Derry left their house at about 6:30. They finally ended up in Omagh in 8:30 or so and we headed out to Belfast. The roads were terrible, but we took it slow and easy. Some of the mission cars have a satnav in it so that they can find their way easier and so we used that to navigate to Belfast. The unfortunate thing about that, however, was that we accidentally entered it in for shortest distance rather than shortest time. What followed was a series of back road adventures that extended our trip about an extra hour than it should have been. We ended up in Hollywood (the missionary flat) at sometime past 11PM and quickly got ready for bed. Elder Olsen and I had to sleep on the floor. Then we woke up at 4 to get ready (I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to get up at 4, because it was a stupid idea) for our train that would be leaving at 6:50. The train station was 5 minutes down the road. We waited in the station for over an hour. Anyway, we finally got on our train and went to Dublin. 
It was really good to be back in Dublin. I got to see some Elders that I hadn't seen for some time, including Elder Stewart (who is a District Leader!). All in all, it was 60% travel and 40% conference, but I enjoyed the conference a lot.
Answers to Questions:
Are you still getting snow?
Yes, and a lot of it!
Did you get your box yet?
No I didn't, but I'm sure I'll get it before Christmas.
Can you go to the Jeweller's or do you have to wait for the Zone leader's to retrieve your packages?
The Zone Leaders have to get it and they will take care of us. They're good Zone Leaders :)
That reminds me... I sent off the package to you guys on Wednesday I think. It might possibly get to you before Christmas, but it might not, so I'm really sorry. It's not a lot, but I hope that you'll like it! I love you all so much and hope to hear from you on Saturday! Merry Christmas!
Elder Trawick

Monday, December 13, 2010


Hey there Mum,
Another week gone, I know. It's going so fast isn't it? The actual moves day is Friday. We should be getting moves call on Wednesday as far as I know. 
The weather is interesting... There was tons of snow one day, then slush the next, and now it's all gone. But don't you worry, apparently it will be back on Wednesday, which should make transfers interesting. We also have a meeting this Saturday in Dublin for all of Ireland. It's the Christmas Zone (and when they say zone, they mean all of Ireland lol) Meeting! It's very exciting, I can't wait.
Yes I'm getting very excited for Christmas and everything. It's so close now! 
Yay for Christmas presents! I'm really excited. I'm going to try to send something to you guys soon, but I'm not sure if it will make it by Christmas, so I'm really sorry.

 About your talk. Yes Elder Holland's would do fantastic. I also like "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" by Elder Kevin W. Pearson from the April 2009 General Conference if I'm not mistaken. That is wonderful instruction. I could be a bit biased, however, as I heard that talk before it was given at General Conference (remember he was the Tacoma Mission President and came to Camp Helaman).
President Pearson at Camp Helaman
 Anyway, good luck with that. I'll pray for you.

Have you done much tracting?
Yes, we still go tracting every night for at least an hour or so. Although, we like the term "consecrated finding" better, because we consecrate all of our efforts unto God :).

What is the best food you've eaten? What is the weirdest food you've eaten?
The Stynes in Dublin made the best food I'd ever had here. My favorite from them was Shepherd's pie. It was SOOOO good.
The weirdest is a tie between Filipino food and Nigerian food. I think that it goes to Nigerian though. It may be different, but it is still good. The only weird thing from Filipino food, though, was fish with the heads still attached, but it was good. I'm not picky, ha ha ha...

How many in your District?
Three sets of Elders

Where are they from? Who is the District Leader? Zone Leader?
Ok, not sure if I can get this all right, but here goes.
Elder Bowers: He's from Utah for sure. Can't remember where though. And, I know! The name, right?! But it's not Emilio, unfortunately...
Elder Leavitt: He's from Nevada
Elder Saunders: He's from Utah
Elder Jensen: Washington D.C. (District Leader)
Elder Blackburn: He's from Huddersfield, England (Zone Leader, but he's the new Assistant!)
Elder Matthews: No clue, but its a good bet for Utah. (Zone Leader)

How often do you have Zone Conference?
Usually once a moves

What have you done for P-day?

Not a lot. Shopping around. Walking. Haircutting... There's not a lot to do in Omagh, but oh well. Oh, and they banned football for now because too many people were getting injured, which is sad, but I can't play anymore anyway because there is nowhere to play. But it's being reevaluated in the spring.

How/Where do you wash your clothes?

We have a washer in the flat that is quite nice and then we dry it on a rack in the flat. It works.

Have you done any service for people?

Hopefully more soon with the coming snow, but the last one was in Dublin helping a family reorganise their house. That was fun.

Did you make the stuffed Peppers? What was in the Mince?
Yes! It was an adventure because not only had I never made them before, but I'd only had them once before (unless you made them years ago, but I can't remember...). They went quite well, but the peppers were a bit crunchier than I like. Mince is what they call ground beef here. It was just a mixture of rice, mince, tomato sauce, seasonings, and then topped with more tomato sauce and cheese. But when I do it again, I'm mixing chese in with the mince mix. They were good though!
I love you and hope that you have a wonderful week. I might get to email again on Friday, but I don't know. Anyway, love you!
Elder Trawick

Monday, December 6, 2010


My Awesome Gift from Mary T. Smyth (Hand Embroidered)!
Dear Mom,
 Burrr... it's been really cold here lately. Omagh has had snow for the last week or more. It's been getting really cold, but we are keeping warm and working hard still. We've had some good success this week and hope that it will continue. Our two new did not show at church this week, but neither did most of the branch. We had to shorten our meetings and go home a little early yesterday. But it was great, we had a wonderful chance to fellowship with the members. I love the members of the Omagh branch. They are truly lovely people. 
Crazy with Tom at Thanksgiving Dinner (THANKS TOM!)
Tom is from Omagh, but he has had many American missionaries in the past and his wife is American. Elder Olsen enjoyed the food, but the Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. I think that he has it pretty bad. Since he's Canadian in a district full of Americans, he is almost always the butt of the jokes. But he takes it well. For now anyway, ha ha ha...
Elder Olsen at Thanksgiving Dinner
 About the Book of Mormon..... It is wonderful to know that the Book of Mormon is so amazing. I have seen it change people's lives, it has changed my life, and I know that those who read it will come to know the same. It is not just another book of scripture. It is not just a book with stories about Jesus. It is the convincing evidence that there is a living prophet on the earth right now. When people come to realise this, there is a major paradigm shift, and lives are improved. I love the words of Elder Holland's great grandfather who said (paraphrasing), "No wicked man could write such a book. And no good man would write it, unless it were true and he were directed by God to do so." Those words are so true. But luckily enough, we don't have to use logic and hard evidence to know whether it is true or not. We can go straight to the source. And the knowledge that comes from that is more solid than any factual evidence I've ever seen. I really would recommend that you read Elder Hollands address titled Safety for the Soul from the Nov. 2009 Ensign. I think that it is the most powerful sermon I have ever heard.

Have you had anyone come to church?
We are working on those two new to come to church and another two we found this week, so hopefully four soon.

How are your new people coming along? 
They're great except they didn't show for church.

Do you get dinner very often? 
I make dinner a lot, ha ha ha...
Cheesy Stuffed Peppers (Stuffed With Rice, Mince, and a Tomato Sauce)
Eating Them!
Where is your district, your Zone?
My district covers Coleraine, Derry and Omagh. The Zone is all of Northern Ireland.

Do you travel to Belfast? How long does it take?
For Zone meetings yes and it takes about two hours.

Have you spoken in your Branch yet?
I gave a testimony, but I should be getting a talk soon.

Because it's so small, do you participate in any of the Auxiliaries?
We do not, but we help wherever we can.

Have you played the piano yet? 
Not for the branch yet, but I did in Clondalkin and for Zone Meetings before.

About the Christmas call, do you have a place set up yet? Who is calling who? We need to get on this, I can't miss my Christmas call!
Well Elder Olsen and I are going to try to get Skype up and running and see if that is possible. That way we can see each other as well. We'll figure it out soon enough. You will not miss your call, I promise.
The Christmas Tree in our flat!
Is that sister missionary in front of you in the picture in the Ensign the same one in some of the other pictures you sent long time ago? She sure looks like the same girl. 
That is Sister Newey. Yes it should be the same one. She's still in Dublin and goes home to Australia in a few days.
Oh, Logan Bowles is getting married in the Portland Temple on my birthday (the 29th!
I got an announcement actually. I'm very happy for him. 

Anyway, love you very much and hope that you have a fantastic week!
By the way, moves has been moved to next week, so I'm not sure about P-Day yet, but we will be moving next Friday.
Love ya!
Elder Trawick