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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Elder Hardwick, Boyd Querubin, James Lennon, Elder Trawick

 Dear Mum,

 This week was great of course! We had the baptism and confirmation of James Lennon this week. Boyd Querubin (from our ward and leaving on his mission soon) baptised James on Saturday the 25th and I confirmed on Sunday. James is doing great and enjoying being involved with the YSA. I am really excited for him. He's also supposed to receive the Aaronic Priesthood in two Sundays, so I'm way happy. I'm also really looking forward to General Conference this Sunday! It's going to be great.
 Oh, so yeah this week is moves week, which is why I'm emailing on a Wednesday. But Elder Hardwick and myself are staying in Lucan, so no change there. But we had a great week. We have a new investigator that we're excited about. He is from Malawi in Africa. He's 18 and seems like a really cool guy. He's only in Ireland about 2 weeks now, but he came to James' baptism and we are hoping to bring him into the water as well.
 Thats about it for this week. I hope all is well at home. Today we didn't have any football so we are probably going out to Dalkey and Co. Wicklow for the day with Mary. 
Love you lots!

Elder Trawick

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