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On The Isle of Skye

Friday, August 6, 2010


Me in our flat


 I'm healthy and fine :). I sent like 32 pics last week and they never got through. I was so upset.... Anyway, I'm making sure you get them this week. I'm glad you added Mary (on Facebook). She's a choice lady.
Elder Nicholls (My comp.) went off to training this week. We are going with a whole new approach now. It's so bold and crazy, but it works because it is the Lord's way.
I'm glad to hear that Grandma Mandella is OK. Tell her I'm praying for her if you talk to her. And yes, Grandma and Grandpa can have my email as well. Tell them thanks for the card. I just got it two days ago. I'm also glad you two are having fun in Conrad. Tell Rebekah I love her.
(In response to what can I send you:)
So the deoderant here is ok. I'm not sure what I need really... Some American candy would be nice, but it's not a necessity. And yes I can put the pics on an external hard drive, so you can send it. I'VE GOT IT! I would like some CD's. Have that wonderful brother of mine burn off some CD's. Approved music is the white handbook standards here. Anything that is uplifting basically, but no romantic lyrics. So I wouldn't mind anything churchy, but also some classical and jazz if you can. That would be GREAT. I'm going to need a new Preach My Gospel sometime, but not for a while. Just a heads up. But whatever you think is good, I can't think of anything right now...

Anyway, we had a great week and I'm working hard. Trying to find those souls who need to be baptized.

I love you and all the family,
Elder Trawick
Elder Nicholls and myself

Ayo Adenaiya (my comp's first baptism)

Adenaiya family
Mary and Elder Nicholls
Mary and myself
creamy chicken enchiladas


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