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Monday, July 12, 2010

Elder Trawick is in Ireland!

I bet you're losing it over where I'm at right now! :) OK, I guess I'll tell you. I'm in an area called Lucan/Clondalkin. It is just outside of Dublin City Center in Ireland! It's way beautiful here. It's also a pretty crazy story over whats been happening the last couple of days.

We left the MTC and drove to Edinburgh. On the way there, we managed to generate a new investigator out of the Lorry Driver. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was reading it during the breaks. He seemed pretty receptive to the message. When we got to Edinburgh, I met my mission president. President Griffiths is a really nice guy, as is his wife.

We all got back on the lorry after dropping our luggage off at the mission home, and headed out to a sweet little spot called "Pratt's Hill" by the church members. It was way high up and was a brutal hike. We were all given cards to hand out while proselyting to the top. I handed out mine, then grabbed some more to hand out. When we reached the top, after a really tiring climb, it was beautiful and overlooked all of Edinburgh City. We took pictures and were told to pray. We prayed about our goals as missionaries. So I did that and made my covenant with Heavenly Father. I remember distinctly feeling, immediately afterwards, that I was going to Ireland. That turned out. Anyway, we got back down (I also got another man's info on the way down) and we headed back to the mission home where we had training and sorting out. I was sent to Lucan-Clondalkin Ireland to serve with Elder Nicholls (English).

We stayed the night and left in the morning to Belfast. We took coach to the coast, then ferry to Ireland, then coach to Dublin. From very early in the morning, Elder Nicholls became very ill. He started vomiting before we even left the mission house, and ended up sick 4 times. He made the trip, however, but was still sick and drained when we arrived at the flat (which is rumoured to be the best flat in the Ireland). He's been sick for a few days and recovering. My first day, I called over the Zone Leaders, and we blessed him. I anointed and Elder Young sealed. It was good. I took the time I had to clean the flat (the place was a disaster) and finish all my assignments. Then when I was done with that, I alternated between reading the Book of Mormon from the start, and listening to General Conference. I made it through over half of General Conference and I'm in 2 Nephi 4 now. Anyway, I'm not deterred. Elder Nicholls is a great companion and we are working well together.

We went to the ward yesterday and 71 people turned out. I met a few important people (Brother Connolly is the best! He's our ward mission leader). We have a sister that I want to work on. She has been attending sacrament for 14 months now without missing very much. She's read the Book of Mormon a lot. Her stop is that she doesn't think she has a testimony of Joseph Smith or the Restoration. But she's a nice lady. I'm thinking that she is waiting for some great sign to manifest to her that it is true. But I'm sure she has had some confirmation at some point, just doesn't realise that she already knows it is true. Anyway, she's great.

We can work a little better now that the World Cup is over. I have enjoyed football SO MUCH! I LOVE IT! I don't ever want to play anything else anymore! We've been following along with FIFA. President Thompson would slip us information on matches whilst we were eating. Ha ha ha... It's all good fun, but now that it is over, we will have more success because people are much less distracted. I'm just glad that it wasn't a major upset this year, or we might have problems. We're not allowed to proselyte here in Ireland during major World Cup games, it's too volatile. But if we have lessons then we go to them. Anyway, it's great here. The people are nice and friendly for the most part. Our church members seem like pretty good people too. It just needs strengthening. We need baptisms and people that stick and are committed. That's why I'm here. I'm here to hasten the harvest! I'm excited and ready to bring some more sheep into the fold!

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