Scotland/Ireland Mission

On The Isle of Skye

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures lost in cyberspace :-(

Dear Mum,
I'm sending you a BUNCH of pics this week. I'm sure you'll love that. I think that I still want to send my card home when it's full. I'll print off the pics here when I do, that way if it gets lost, it'll be ok. But the mail system is great here. That little Sarah is a cutie. I'm a proud uncle. Or should I say well pleased? Ha ha ha.
 If you want to send me a box, yeah sure! You will need to send it to the mission home though, and it might be a bit before I get it. But there is a big Ireland conference coming up soon, so if you send it within the next week or two, it should arrive in time. (See sidebar for mailing instructions)
Thanks for all that you do, Mom. I really do love you. I'm having the time of my life out here. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! So don't get me wrong when I say that I never get home sick, because I love you all more than anything. But I love being a missionary! We are still working on our new investigator Cintia. She's Brazilian and speaks decent English, but we're trying to get help from Brazilian members in Terenure. We also have another one who we keep missing every time we call by, but I've left notes. I have high hopes for this area. 
I hope that you and Rebekah have a safe and FUN trip!

Again, I love you!
Elder Trawick

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oi mum, what's the craic, like?

 So that is basically the main greeting here. Other than Hiya, or Heya. They often say, "What's the craic? (sounds like crack). Craic is an Irish word (they don't call it gaelic here) that just means a few different things. When you say, "What's the craic?" you are basically saying, "How's it going?" They also say, "What's the story?" and they really add the word, "Like" in everywhere. I love the Irish! They are a great people, really funny too. If you could only hear the true Irish accent, (that's Dublin by the way, because the Belfast one is completely different) you would crack up!
 So where do I start? My area (which is the Lucan/Clondalkin area just outside of Dublin City) is brilliant! I love it a lot. The people are great and very hospitable when they like you. Our area is one of the biggest in the mission (including Scotland now), yet we still get around on bus, which is fine, most of the time. My comp Elder Nicholls had his first baptism yesterday! It was a 9 year old girl (Nigerian) who came from a family who has just started coming back to church. We also were able to get 10 of our Less-Actives and 3 progressing investigators to church this week. It was a great week! We taught as much as we could, but we didn't get a chance to OYM (thats an acronym for Open Your Mouth, basically means proselyting or any kind but mostly street contacting) much. But you know me, for some reason we've really been having a phenomenon with people just coming up to me and chatting with me, so perfect opportunity, right? We got 2 new investigators this week just from people who came up to me and talked to me. We also got on a bus heading home the other night and ran into two catholic missionaries of sorts who chatted with us. One of them said that he just felt that there was something missing in all of the religions, and them my companion piped up and said that we had that missing part! lol. They were choice guys, but they had to get up and leave in a hurry, so I gave them a Restoration pamphlet. We've been praying that we'll run into them again sometime, so hopefully they're ready when we do.
 We also got a new investigator this week who is Brazilian (one of the ones who came up and talked to me, ha ha ha). She was really neat, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and she loved it because she's trying to learn English. So we got her info and mobile number and we're going to give her a ring this week to give her the Portuguese Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet. We also have an awesome couple in the next town over who are Brazilian (both RM's) who we're going to try to have come with us to teach her. Her name is Cinta (pronounced Seen Cha).
Tell Ben and Neuman that I said hi, and that Ireland is the best! That actually reminds me. I was at a part-member's house last night with her, her husband, and Mary Smyth, where sister Stynes (the member) was watching a program on TV about the history of the Celts. Then they had a bit about Queen Bodica. That was a fun conversation :).
I live in Lucan, just southwest of Dublin City, so I am very much in the Republic. But Belfast is quite calm now. Dublin is fine too. There are just a lot of stabbings. But thats mostly because there are no guns allowed here. There are people shot every now and again, but thats only people involved in crime like drugs and things like that. It's really not bad at all here.
 As far as the camera card goes, that's an interesting deal. The mail system here is GREAT. I mean it's way better than America's. I think I can send a letter and it might get to you all in less than a week. I've heard that the record is 4 days. But the mail system is good, so I'm not worried about it. There's always a chance that something could happen, but I don't think so. To be safe, I'll go and get all of my pictures printed out first. Which reminds me, I'm sorry about pictures but I don't have any for you this week. I didn't realize when I left the flat this morning that I'd be in Dublin all day, so I forgot my cable. But I'll make an effort for next week. Sorry!
 I sent a letter to Guy and Casey that has my letter to the ward in it. They should have it today to soon. I wrote it about a week and a half ago, but I didn't send it until a few days ago, because there are only a few places for outgoing post here.

Anyway, I love you all. Have a great week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Elder Trawick is in Ireland!

I bet you're losing it over where I'm at right now! :) OK, I guess I'll tell you. I'm in an area called Lucan/Clondalkin. It is just outside of Dublin City Center in Ireland! It's way beautiful here. It's also a pretty crazy story over whats been happening the last couple of days.

We left the MTC and drove to Edinburgh. On the way there, we managed to generate a new investigator out of the Lorry Driver. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was reading it during the breaks. He seemed pretty receptive to the message. When we got to Edinburgh, I met my mission president. President Griffiths is a really nice guy, as is his wife.

We all got back on the lorry after dropping our luggage off at the mission home, and headed out to a sweet little spot called "Pratt's Hill" by the church members. It was way high up and was a brutal hike. We were all given cards to hand out while proselyting to the top. I handed out mine, then grabbed some more to hand out. When we reached the top, after a really tiring climb, it was beautiful and overlooked all of Edinburgh City. We took pictures and were told to pray. We prayed about our goals as missionaries. So I did that and made my covenant with Heavenly Father. I remember distinctly feeling, immediately afterwards, that I was going to Ireland. That turned out. Anyway, we got back down (I also got another man's info on the way down) and we headed back to the mission home where we had training and sorting out. I was sent to Lucan-Clondalkin Ireland to serve with Elder Nicholls (English).

We stayed the night and left in the morning to Belfast. We took coach to the coast, then ferry to Ireland, then coach to Dublin. From very early in the morning, Elder Nicholls became very ill. He started vomiting before we even left the mission house, and ended up sick 4 times. He made the trip, however, but was still sick and drained when we arrived at the flat (which is rumoured to be the best flat in the Ireland). He's been sick for a few days and recovering. My first day, I called over the Zone Leaders, and we blessed him. I anointed and Elder Young sealed. It was good. I took the time I had to clean the flat (the place was a disaster) and finish all my assignments. Then when I was done with that, I alternated between reading the Book of Mormon from the start, and listening to General Conference. I made it through over half of General Conference and I'm in 2 Nephi 4 now. Anyway, I'm not deterred. Elder Nicholls is a great companion and we are working well together.

We went to the ward yesterday and 71 people turned out. I met a few important people (Brother Connolly is the best! He's our ward mission leader). We have a sister that I want to work on. She has been attending sacrament for 14 months now without missing very much. She's read the Book of Mormon a lot. Her stop is that she doesn't think she has a testimony of Joseph Smith or the Restoration. But she's a nice lady. I'm thinking that she is waiting for some great sign to manifest to her that it is true. But I'm sure she has had some confirmation at some point, just doesn't realise that she already knows it is true. Anyway, she's great.

We can work a little better now that the World Cup is over. I have enjoyed football SO MUCH! I LOVE IT! I don't ever want to play anything else anymore! We've been following along with FIFA. President Thompson would slip us information on matches whilst we were eating. Ha ha ha... It's all good fun, but now that it is over, we will have more success because people are much less distracted. I'm just glad that it wasn't a major upset this year, or we might have problems. We're not allowed to proselyte here in Ireland during major World Cup games, it's too volatile. But if we have lessons then we go to them. Anyway, it's great here. The people are nice and friendly for the most part. Our church members seem like pretty good people too. It just needs strengthening. We need baptisms and people that stick and are committed. That's why I'm here. I'm here to hasten the harvest! I'm excited and ready to bring some more sheep into the fold!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Transfer Day

I'm not exactly sure what time it is right now in MT, but it is 8:20 pm here in Chorley (July 6). I'm leaving in the morning for Edinburgh Scotland to begin my service. We'll be (there are 17 of us going to Scotland) traveling by coach (that's a tour bus basically) I'm pretty sure that it is straight to Edinburgh. It's about a 4 1/2 hour drive (and that includes the 45m break mandated by law for the lorry driver). I'm very excited and a little nervous. I'm as prepared as I will ever be however. We had our final temple session for 2 years this afternoon. I feel that we all felt "endowed with power from on high". It was a glorious experience. I've had a great week here, I'm ready to go to Scotland and, as we have been taught, BAPTIZE THOUSANDS!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 2

President Clegg giving out his Bounty. Overlooking the Downham Valley in Downham England near Chatburn.