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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elder Trawick has arrived!

This is my first post for Elder Trawick. I am happy to report that he has arrived safely in England and he made it to the MTC, but unfortunately his luggage did not arrive with him! We received a very nice email from President and Sister Clegg on Friday confirming that he made it and that his luggage was to arrive the next day. They thanked us for sending them such a wonderful young missionary and told us that they are committed to his happiness and success. It was very nice to receive the email but as a mother of course I started to worry about the usual "mom" things, did he pack extra underwear or a shirt in his carry-on? What about deodorant and a razor?
Anyway, we are looking forward to receiving his first email on Wednesday. I will try to post a couple of pictures from the airport if I can get access to them. We are so grateful for his aunt Casey and uncle Guy who made the process of getting prepared to leave so easy for him. It was hard for us not to be there with him and to be involved ourselves but he was so blessed to have them. His ward has been phenomenal as well, and words cannot express how much we appreciate those wonderful people who have helped and continue to help him as he serves the Lord. May the Lord open the Windows of Heaven and pour out blessings on them.
Many years have passed as we have waited for this time in his life and we know that he is well prepared and will work hard. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel and is not afraid to share it. We learned that he will be out doing street contacting soon while he is still at the MTC. He is really looking forward to that and will hopefully make some new friends in the process. We're looking forward to his report next week!

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