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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1st Email

We received our first email today! I sent some questions for him to answer and I am posting them here with the answers.

How was the trip over? 

Trip was ok. I didn't get any sleep at all and arrived at about 8 in the morning. So I went about 30 hours or so on no sleep. But I made it through... I handled the lost baggage claim.

Were there a lot of missionaries with you?

There was something like 28 or so flying out of SLC, and the other 10 joined us in Atlanta. We all sat around each other. The group at the MTC is about 38 I think. Could be less... Can't remember...

How did you get from Manchester to Preston?

We drove coach to the MTC, I have a picture that has the Preston road sign on it. I thought it was neat.

Do you like the MTC?

The MTC is brilliant! I'm having a great time, getting along well with everyone. I'm so tired, we've been doing a lot of exercise, playing football (soccer). I'm getting better, and really starting to enjoy football.
                                                     President Clegg

How many of you are in your room?

There are just two Companionships in our room. There is Elder Stewart (my comp), Elder Ellett and Elder Jensen. We have a great time. Elder Powell (MTC Staff) checks the rooms every morning and writes up improvements, we haven't had anything for our flat.

Who is your companion?
Where is he from and is he going to Scotland too?

My Companion is Elder Stewart. He's from Cache Valley (near Ogden Utah) and going to Scotland.

Is the food good?

Food is brilliant! Can't complain about anything I get, I eat it all.

Do you get to do any street contacting this week?

I go street contacting on Friday. Elder Stewart and I are preparing and are so excited. We've had a milestone (its like a mock investigator, but supposed to be very real, and it was!) and we did excellent on that. They bring in actors for everyone. We taught the Restoration and committed him to Baptism, Read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and set up another appointment. We were 1 of 2 companionships that even finished.

Are you getting enough sleep (I'm sure you have jetlag)?

Jet lag wasn't a problem after 30 hours of no sleep.

Is the weather nice?

The weather is actually an interesting subject. It hasn't rained at ALL since we've arrived. It's been hot, sunny weather.

Did you see any cool landmarks on your way?

Just the Preston Temple and some cool farms...
Everything is progressing well...
Thanks for everything, Mom. I love you, and hope you know that I am working hard. Elder Stewart and I are working hard and keeping every rule and commandment with exactness, as he is our District Leader. So just know that all is well :)

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